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Venue for next Branch Meeting

Important Branch Meeting on 1st September  - Change of Venue Broome Manor Golf Club
For this branch meeting we will be welcoming our new chairman Rod Bluh and Chris Coyle who together will present to us the proposals for the restructuring of the whole trust.  These are major changes which will prepare the trust for a much stronger programme of restoration in the coming years.  This branch meeting is your opportunity to find out about the proposals and the reasons behind them.
We expect a good turnout and so have moved this meeting to the David Howell Room at Broome Manor Golf Club, 7.00pm oon the 1st September.  This is the venue we used for most of the last year.


Regular Branch meetings will be held at Blackman Gardens, Old Town.  The post code for Blackman Gardens is SN3 1RN and it is accessed from the mini roundabout on Marlborough Road south of the Coop supermarket in Old Town.  The road off the roundabout is called Signal Way and it leads to the Central Trading Estate.  However, before the Trading Estate, at the top of the rise in Signal Way turn left and Blackman Gardens is immediately in front of you (not left again).  Enter the road and there should be spaces to park on the left hand side adjacent to a wall.   Access is via the main door between 7 and 7.30 only.

Swindon Reports June 2015

Wichelstowe Landing Stage Report 


Chairman's Notes

Our branch chairman will keep us up to date with the latest news in our branch area.


Branch Meetings

Regular meetings of the branch will be held on the first Tuesday of each month.  - see calendar for details   Venue still to be decided.

The branch wish to take forward plans to raise our profile locally by taking a display to many local events and possibly the main shopping centres.  We will need volunteers to help staff the displays, just a couple of hours at your favourite event by any member will help enormously. We will also be revamping our process for identifying new members and welcoming them into the branch. It is vital that we learn as early as possible of any new development that may affect our canal line.  Members are requested to tell the chairman or a committee member of anything they learn of.

Branch Volunteers

We need more volunteers to help us with our ambitious plans to raise our profile locally and make better progress in developing our canal as a waterway and an environmental corridor.

The branch wish to take forward plans to raise our profile locally by taking a display to many local events,the main shopping centres and some other venues.  We need volunteers to help staff the displays, just a couple of hours at your favourite event by any member will help enormously. We provide a briefing for this activity just as we provide training or induction for all our tasks.

Members are requested to tell the chairman or a committee member of anything they learn of.

We have over 25km of existing or proposed canal route within Swindon Borough.  The canal line is protected in the Local Plan 2026 but we need constant vigilance to keep it safe.  We ask every member to advise one of the branch committee if you notice any potential problem.  



IMG 0046
Help Needed at Mouldon Hill

The next major project in the Swindon Area will be completion of the restoration of the canal by Mouldon Hill Country Park. Over a two year period we will clean out the canal, repair the leaks and restore the lock to working condition. We will be doing the work with volunteers and particularly need more people to help with the environmental improvement tasks.

EWCA -_Winning_Photo_Croed
The photos were submitted for a competition at the launch East Wichel Community Centre. The launch/competition was sponsored by Taylor Wimpey and their Wichelstowe development in the local area.
EWCA Photo_Competition_Cropped
The winning photo(top) was taken by Richard Long and the second photo left taken by Andrew Cox.
Swindon Advertiser 25 November 2013

Restored Canal

The Swindon Branch has restored two sections of the canal which are maintained by the Trust.

Kingshill / Rushey Platt

Mouldon Hill

New Canal

The scheme for Swindon includes major diversions of the main line from Melksham to Abingdon where it is impossible to restore the old line. The new route is protected in the borough’s Local Plan 2026 but a great deal of work is required to flesh out the design for the planned route, an even more to build it.

The new length of canal at East Wichel is subject of a shared maintenance agreement with Swindon Borough Council. The trust’s maintenance responsibilities are mainly limited to keeping the waterway clean and managing the lock and water control system.  We are working with the council to improve the water supply and fix some construction issues.

Restoration Projects

Moulden  Hill Improvements

Breathing Places - River Ray Valley Moredon

Hayes Knoll Lock


Cricklade Country Way

Other Projects

There are proposals to bring the canal into the centre of Swindon as part of the Borough's regeneration plans

Click on the button to see the proposals

Town Centre Route


The Golden Lion


If you would like to explore the canal around Moredon and Mouldon Hill the trust has prepared a walk that you can follow. Full details of the walk and links to download and print can be found at Swindon Walk

The Trust has recently found a new leaflet on Mouldon Hill Country Park   We are grateful to its author, Greg  Browne, for allowing us access to this guide.


Coate Water


Coate Water country park situated close to Junction 15 of the M4 was originally constructed to provide a feed to the Wilts and Berks Canal. Since that time, it has been used for a variety of purposes providing a great resource for the people of the town and surrounding areas.
The site is now used for boating and fishing as well as forming part of a regionally important nature and wildlife reserve.
The diving stand shown in the picture on the left is a remnant of the 1930's to 1950's when Coate hosted numerous diving competitions and championships.
The reservoir was used to act as a feeder for the canal although it is so large it has always been a recreational site in its own right.

Coate Water in the 19th Century


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