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Dragonfly 61 to 70
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No 61 Dragonfly Summer 1996

DragonflyNo61_Sum96_Title_600Cover Photo: Moredon Aqueduct - in the early stages of restoration

A brief Editorial appears critical of the Council of Management

Chair Chat - again quite brief. Tony Davy has taken over as Chairman. He speaks particularly about restoration of the canal developing into a local government project, giving much more creditiblity with public.

Around the Branches looks at activities along the line. Bristol & Bath continue their 'roving commission'; Melksham have a programme of walks examining 3 alternative routes, round or through Melksham. At Calne a new spillway has been completed. There is an update of work at Dauntsey including the canalside properties. 4 houses are on the market.

Dumpers; Following from Dragonfly No 60's front cover, an article on the use of dumpers for canal work.

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment by CanalGen  Part 5 Ecotone

No 62 Dragonfly Autumn 1996


Cover Picture: The 1st Wilts & Berks Canal Trail Boat Rally at Wootton Bassett

The reports from Around the Branches include a mention from the Melksham Rally, important for those who want to see a navigable waterway at Lacock. For Foxham and Lyneham details are given for continuing work on the Lock at Dauntsey. The Wootton Bassett report is about the 1st Trail Boat Rally on the Wilts & Berks.

A letter to the Editor believes now is the right time for a feasibility study. This was not so 5 years ago when it would have "seen us laughed out of every office, farm yard and council office around"

How to Restore a Lock; A general description given by Luke Walker

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 6 Fish

No 63 Dragonfly Spring 1997


Cover photo Damsel Fly

W&B on the Internet - An article by Doug Small

Dumpers revisited Following from an article about dumpers in issue 61, a short observation from George Eycott

Restoration Matters features visiting and regular work parties, and the work of the Restoration Committee

Planning a Restoration site - an article by Paul Pennycook

Among the News from IWA is that Gloucester CC has approved £250,000 expenditure on a navigation culvert under the Latton Bypass

Moredon Aqueduct It is anticipated that the grade 1 listed aqueduct will be fully restored by the middle of 1997

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 7 Gastropods and Grass

No 64 Dragonfly Spring 2 1997


Cover Photo: Chaveywell Bridge, Calne. Used extensively on early WBCAG Literature

Chair Chat notes that the Feasibility Study will be underway in the very near future. It also announces that the Trust legally came into existence on March 24th

There are 4 double pages of Around the Branches.

Restoration Matters gives a roundup of progress at all the restoration sites.

History File is a new regular feature. In this issue is "Wilts & Berks Canal" taken from Henry Taunt's "Illustrated Map of the Thames" 1895

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 8 Herons and Hydrophites

No 65 Dragonfly Summer 1997

Dragonfly65_Sum97_Title-600Cover Photo; Jonny Morris (a vice - president) officiating at the inauguration of the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust at Wootton Bassett (Vic Miller)

In connection with the Land Fill Tax Scheme, Barge Waste Management Ltd., have donated £20,000 to the Group. They intend to give the Group a further £24,000 each year for the next 10 years.

In Chair Chat Tony Davy explains the relationship between the Amenity Group and the recently formed Trust.

Report of the Council of Management includes items on funding, land ownership and restoration projects.

Publicity & Fund-Raising activities are featured in a 2 page article

History File Part 2 of the interesting account of the Wilts & Berks Canal from Henry Taunt's "Illustrated Map of the Thames" continues with a day spent on a narrow boat.

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 9 Iris and Insects

No 66 Dragonfly Autumn 1997

Dragonfly66_Aut97_Title_600Cover Photo: Work on the third river channel of Moredon Aqueduct. Swindon members and Ron Robertson (right) in a bit of a hole (Henry Smith)

Chair Chat mentions the forming of another Trust - Cricklade Corridor Trust. Also reported is that N Wilts DC (as a member of the W&B Trust) is taking steps to purchase land which contains half a mile of Canal which has come onto the market.

Around the Branches looks at work and events along the line from Bristol & Bath to Abingdon. Melksham reports on 2 successful events - the West Wilts Show and the Semington Boat Rally. From West Vale there is a report on the "soon & rapid" progress on the Shrivenham Canalside Park. Wootton Bassett are to host the National Trail-Boat Festival in May 1998.

History File; a further extract on the Wilts & Berks Canal from Henry Taunt's "Illustrated Map of the Thames" describing the Canal from Swindon to Semington.

Henley; A Personal View. Tim Preece's account of IWA National Waters Festival

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 10 J for Jumpers - animal and vegetable !

No 67 Dragonfly Winter 1997/98

Dragonfly67_Win97_Title_600Cover Photo: There seems to be no reference to this picture in this issue.

Chair Chat describes a successful one day tour by Councillors and Officers from the various local Authorities from the Canal Trust. This was useful practice for a BBC Documentary to be filmed in October at Moredon & Wootton Bassett. It also speaks of the departure from the Council of Management of Paul Pennycook, the Project Officer.

Around the Branches reports interesting details of progress along the line from Bath & Bristol, who continue to work at various Canal sites to Abingdon where work continues apace on the clearance of Drayton Lock.

Chippenham Tunnel: A History written by Simon Nuttall

Publicity & Fund Raising: Doug Small gives details of a BBC2 programme, Trail-Boat Festival, and Internet news.

Landfill Tax Credit Scheme A picture of Chairman, Henry Smith receiving a cheque from Crapper & Sons Ltd

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 11 Kingcups and Kingfishers

No 68 Dragonfly Spring 1998

Dragonfly68_Spr98_Title_600Cover Photo: David Horton's excavator retires after a day's dredging at Wootton Bassett

Chair Chat: An expert, independent study has shown that restoration of the W&B is possible and economically viable. This is among other very positive items of news.

Around the Branches. News from Bath & Bristol, Melksham, Calne & Chippenham, Foxham & Lyneham, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, West Vale, East Vale and Abingdon.

History File: Part 2 Some notes of a Summer cruise on the Inland Waters

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 12 Larvae and Lilies

No 69 Dragonfly Summer 1998

Dragonfly69_Sum98_Title_600Cover Photo: Boats, Tents and People, IWA National Trail-Boat Festival, Wootton Bassett, May 1998

Around the Branches features interesting progress reports, and accounts of branch participation in the IWA Trail Boat Festival held at Wootton Bassett.

The Report of the Council of Management gives an overview of the Group's activities for the year, including the list of restoration works.

Notes on the IWA Trail Boat Festival and acknowledgments of support and contribution .

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 13 Mallards, Moorhens and Maples.

No 70 Dragonfly Autumn 1998

Dragonfly70_Aut98_Title_600Cover Photo: Calne Scouts take part in the raft race at the Canal Fun Day, Calne (B Small)

The Editorial celebrates the production of a map of the Canal showing sections which have been restored. A copy is shown

Chair Chat Various activities over the last quarter are reported.

Publicity & Fund Raising : Doug Small  received the Canal & RiverBoat Award for the Best Web Site.  Dragonfly ( Editor Tim Preece,)  received the Tom Rolt Award for Best Canal Society magazine.

W&BCAG - The Early Years As part of the 21st Birthday Celebrations of the Group Neil Rumbol's article on the formation of the W&BCAG and the subsequent years.

The IWAAC Restoration Priorities Document; A Personal View By Luke Walker. He notes that the W&B is in category L (the lowest - ready funding for completion in more than 10 years) which would disappoint some people. There are however, may areas of the document which give very positive results for the W&B

History File: Part of a series on a Summer Cruise on Inland Waterways which in this issue is about the W&B.

News from IWA includes Waterway restoration priorities and water resources.

Conservation Corner A simple A to Z associated with the Canal Environment Part 14 Nettles and Newts