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Wiltshire Service Users' Network 3M’s Memory Café: skill sharing

Founded in 1991 as the Wiltshire and Swindon Users’ Network, it was the first User led organisation in Wiltshire and one of the pioneering organisations in the country. It was formed by people who use health and social services, to promote user involvement and support people to have a voice. View their website here
WBCT will be partnering with WSUN to provide gardening and other craft activities with memory groups using skill sharing with WBCT volunteers.
In an exciting development, the programme will also participate with Dauntsey Parish Council’s Decorated Wheelbarrow Competition, all part of their work within CPRE’s Best Kept Village Competition: a great step forward in the aim of seeking to increase connections with community and the community’s aims.
3Ms group will use our HQ building at Dauntsey Lock as an outreach centre.
WBCT attended Devizes WSUN Conference on 28.03.17 where we demonstrated some of our craft based skill sharing activities.


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