The 200 Club is a way to support individual branches and be in with a chance to win one or more of the 31 annual cash prizes during the year. 50% of all ticket money is awarded to branches that make a bid for plant, tools, materials etc to support their individual restoration works. The other 50% is divided up into 10 monthly draws including a bumper draw in December.
Amount awarded to branches and prize money is totally dependent on the number of tickets sold. Since its inception ticket sales have risen steadily from 172 in 2012 to 310 in 2016. Over £12,500 has been given away in prize money with a similar amount awarded to branches. An application form can be downloaded from the link below. Please help us grow to enable more branch requirements to be met and in turn bigger prizes won.

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Jeff & Lynda Daws

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Winners names

December 2016 Bumper draw
1st £350   245 Ronald Weldon Swindon
2nd £170   244 Alan Trinder Wantage
3rd £90   264 Derek Harvey Llandrindod
4th £50   69 Ian Carter Bradford-on-Avon
1st   247 John Sully Ilminster
2nd   291 Peter Gosling Chippenham
3rd   259 Julia Newby Trowbridge
1st   302 M.Morris Chippenham
2nd   253 Kenneth Davies Farringdon
3rd   303 Brian Wright Chippenham
1st   121 Dave Maloney Chippenham
2nd   139 Sheena Rosser Uxbridge
3rd   109 Colin Fletcher Rowde
1st   274 Alan Leese Smith     Brinkworth
2nd   198 Tim Skull Bradenstoke
3rd   161 Peter Jones Swindon