The October Deluge 2020

October started with a drop of rain - but didn't stop until the 4th, by which time over 120mm had fallen. All of the drainage ditches and streams overflowed into the canal as seen here from east to west. The water was too deep to walk from Harris Croft Farm onto the restored canal towpath at the east end of the Templar's Firs section:

Studley Grange

20201004 074422 west to Bincknoll Lane20201004 074219 spill pipes20201004 074313 flowing to Bincknoll Lane culverts20201004 074128 Bincknoll Lane




Bincknoll Lane to Spillweir

20201004 074048 culverts20201004 073919 flowing towards Chaddington spillweir20201004 073946 Chaddington spillweir




Chaddington Lock

20201004 073511 Chaddington Lock20201004 073245 flowing into lock spillway20201004 072921 below Chaddington Lock




Harris Croft Farm

20201004 075656 HCF looking north20201004 071045 HCF field flooded20201004 070725 HCF canal full




Templar's Firs

20201004 080651 flooded footpath20201004 083825 west to Noremarsh Bridge20201004 084233 east from Noremarsh Bridge20201004 084241 west from Noremarsh Bridge20201003 171223 Canal full at Templars Firs Slipway