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Wiltshire Council’s Green Infrastructure Strategy includes the restoration of the Wilts & Berks Canal. It defines what has been called Green Infrastructure as follows:

"Green Infrastructure (GI) is a strategically planned and delivered network that comprises the broadest range of high quality ‘natural’, created and managed multi-functional green spaces, access corridors and other environmental features, that integrate biodiversity, landscape, the water environment, ecological processes and cultural heritage and which enhance the health and quality of life of sustainable communities. Green Infrastructure applies both to urban and rural areas and to the urban fringe.

In the wider countryside, green infrastructure is often viewed at a larger scale encompassing extensive areas of habitat, major landscape features such as river corridors and the identification of wide green corridors and ecological networks."

In January 2012 update of its Green Infrastructure Strategy the Council has, in its list of priorities: “The continued restoration and enhancement of the canal network in Wiltshire”. This includes the Wilts & Berks Canal.

The Trust is committed to restore the canal in a responsible and sustainable manner and has published a summary of the objectives and the ways this can be achieved3:

The aims of the WBCT include "to protect, conserve and improve the route.....for the benefit of the community and the environment". It is therefore essential that the canal restoration is carried out in a sensitive manner with full knowledge of the habitats and species present to ensure that restoration work preserves and enhances the environment. It is not only an aim of the Trust to do this but it is also a legal requirement as many species found on the canal are protected by UK or European law.