1917: Canal & Coate Reservoir Committee

From the Swindon Advertiser, 20th April 1917

The Canal and Coate Reservoir Committee presented the following report on the various matters mentioned.

The Town Clerk reported on a serious leakage of water from the Canal West of Swindon in the parish of Wroughton, and the dangerous condition of the towing path caused thereby.

Also read correspondence he had had with the clerk of the Rural District Council on the matter. It was resolved that the matter be referred to the Town Clerk to deal with.

Letters were read from Messrs Bradford and Co. solicitors , Swindon agents for Mr. Harry Stone. Also a letter from Mr. Hayward, of Pewsey, stating that there would be no objection to the construction of the hatches on the feeder at the point mentioned, provided the rights of the tenants were not interfered with. It was resolved that the Borough Surveyor proceed with the construction of the hatches.

The Sub-Committee appointed on the 26th February last, reported

(1) that they have visited the Chisledon brook as far as the junction with the Day House stream, and inspected the position of the proposed hatches.

(2) that the necessary repairs be carried out to the brickwork of the bridge on the high level feeder and also to the parapet walls and archway of the bridge on Nightingale Farm.

(3) that the bank of the south-east side of the Reservoir be raised with puddle where necessary, to prevent the escape of water.

(4) that the brickwork on the overflow weir at the north end of the Reservoir be repaired and a hatch fixed in the centre of the weir.

(5) that the hedges at the Broome end of the Reservoir be grubbed and set.

The same Sub-Committee also recommended that a number of the oak, ash, elm, and Scotch fir trees on the Reservoir and the feeder be thrown at the proper season and sold.

On the report of the Borough Surveyor it was resolved that a Sub-Committee, consisting of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, interview Mr.  D. J. Yeo as to the trees which should be thrown at Coate Reservoir and along the feeder, and if necessary invite tenders for the throwing and purchase of the same.  It was also resolved that the Borough Surveyor be instructed to plant young trees in the place of those thrown at Coate Reservoir.