Dragonfly is on the move! We can't run trips yet, but we're giving her some exercise and will start a training programme for skippers & crew, to make sure everyone is up to date.

The Canal Trust has had a low profile with our local councillors. Change is on the way.

 The Trust has spent lockdown planning for a restart of its canal restoration projects. We have recruited Jonathan Coates as our new Chief Engineer.


Highways England, the company responsible for England’s motorways and major A roads, has awarded over £42,000 towards the Trust’s feasibility studies via its Environment and Wellbeing fund. 

The canal at Westleaze has been closed indefinitely but Dragonfly is safe at the Waitrose mooring.

Company days out - Many local firms have visited us for a fun day away from the office/workplace volunteering on canal restoration. We have a variety of jobs always on offer depending upon the time of year and the physical abilities and numbers of visitors.

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Thanks and congratulations to everyone who has helped with clearing the reeds that have been building up at East Wichel, Swindon. We've so far had two reed removal events, but there will be more. Read on to get involved.




We would like to share our plans for the future with you, and so please see the link below for the Wiltshire, Swindon and Oxfordshire canal partnership strategy for complete restoration and development of the Wilts and Berks canal. The original document is 117 pages long, so we have produced an abridged version for easier reading - please excuse the incorrect page numbers as a result of this.

Click here to view PDF.

Voting is open for the public to choose the best civil engineering scheme in the South West, and the canalside development at Wichelstowe is one of the nominees. "Besides the economic and social benefits to the local community, the restored section of the canal has enhanced a key foraging and movement corridor for wildlife. With the opposite bank being naturalised with a marginal shelf, aquatic planting and an ecology zone providing native planting."