The Visitor Centre in Swindon is now open five days a week

WBCT is getting ready for spring with a planting push!

Wharf Road culvert construction, supported by Swindon Borough Council, is the first visible evidence of preparations for the M4 crossing.

This is the year that our skilled and willing Wilts and Berks volunteers get back to business in restoration.

Swindon’s present Branch Chair, the redoubtable Rod Hacker, needs to step aside to focus all his efforts, as head of planning, on the canal in the New Eastern Villages. So, we need to find a new Branch Chair for WBCT in Swindon. This role offers an opportunity for successful people to contribute their skills for public wellbeing and environmental improvements.

Dr Joe Williams joins the Trust as Environmental Geographer. Biodiversity takes centre stage.

The funding agreement between Highways England and the Trust, under which WBCT will conduct first phase studies into the M4 Crossing project near Junction 16, was signed by the Trust on 17 June 2021.

The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust's Visitor Centre has been in the town centre for many years, but had to close some 18 months ago due to a fall-off in the number of volunteers. Now it has reopened...