Uffington Gorse, 9 acres of public amenity woodland and 200m of canal, has been purchased by the Trust.

New lease at Uffington Gorse

The solar panel which will power the pump to deliver water from Tuckmill Brook to the canal at Shrivenham Canal Park has been installed.

This is the year that our skilled and willing Wilts and Berks volunteers get back to business in restoration.

Dr Joe Williams joins the Trust as Environmental Geographer. Biodiversity takes centre stage.

 The Trust has spent lockdown planning for a restart of its canal restoration projects. We have recruited Jonathan Coates as our new Chief Engineer.


Company days out - Many local firms have visited us for a fun day away from the office/workplace volunteering on canal restoration. We have a variety of jobs always on offer depending upon the time of year and the physical abilities and numbers of visitors.


We would like to share our plans for the future with you, and so please see the link below for the Wiltshire, Swindon and Oxfordshire canal partnership strategy for complete restoration and development of the Wilts and Berks canal. The original document is 117 pages long, so we have produced an abridged version for easier reading - please excuse the incorrect page numbers as a result of this.

Click here to view PDF.

We want to recruit 2020 new members in 2020. We chose the number because it's easy to remember and ambitious. We need to build our base of committed members to drive forward the biggest canal restoration project in England.

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