Corporate volunteering

Company days out - many local firms have visited us for a fun day away from the office/workplace volunteering on canal restoration. We have a variety of jobs always on offer depending upon the time of year and the physical abilities and numbers of visitors. Work can be arranged for small groups (two or three) up to about 50, for an hour or two up to a full day.

Volunteering Days usually involve physical labour, we can supply the tools, materials and equipment and all the training and instruction required for the planned works. We can provide basic on-site welfare facilities and light refreshments, or if you'd like something more substantial, BBQs/Pub lunches etc. can all be arranged to suit our visitors (yes - we do allow breaks!)

Many hands make light work, and with the ever-increasing workload not just in restoration but in maintenance, the same principle can be applied anywhere. So if you are reading this and belong to, or are aware of, a company or organisation that's into helping their local community, please find out who their volunteer co-ordinator is and ask them to get in touch here. The consistent message we hear back from volunteers is "It was fun!".

Our West Vale branch are leading the way with corporate volunteering, as they have been quietly getting on with attracting - and putting to use - larger numbers of volunteers from local companies, ranging from Arval to Thames Water, through Nationwide & several others. If you want to read more detail, visit the West Vale website volunteering page, where they have some great examples of past voluteers.

They've also had some amazing company donations, such as Montana's generous £1.5k donation to the West Vale Mower Fund - read more about Super Graham mowing the canal beds in our button blog post.