New Lease at Uffington Gorse

The West Vale Branch of the Trust and Max Crofts from the Land Team found an opportunity earlier this year to purchase the very long lease (987 years and rent-free) of Uffington Gorse, 9 acres of woodland that has as its western boundary about 200m of the Wilts & Berks Canal. It is located just off Station Road, Uffington.

There are lots of paths in the wood, which is open to the public, and we encourage Trust members to have a wander in this lovely peaceful site. The canal is in a deep cutting. The spoil from digging the canal 200 years ago can be seen next to the canal as mounds that are now topped with some quite significant trees.

The Branch will now be working with the freehold owners, The Woodland Trust, the local councils and ecologists to ensure the woodland is sympathetically managed, the biodiversity of the site is safeguarded and the canal restored.

Use the what3words data and link below to find one of the three entrances to the woodland. There is enough room to park a car off the road at this point.



 Uffington gorse  Uffington Gorse 20220403 104025