1918: The filling in of the Canal

From the Swindon Advertiser, 6th September 1918.

The Canal Committee reported that they had accepted the offer of the Swindon Gas Co. of 1,000 tons of raw breeze, suitable for filling in the canal adjoining the Regent Street Bridge and Dunsford's Wharf.

From the Swindon Advertiser, 7th February 1919.

A letter read from the President and Secretary of the Queenstown Working Men's Club, Wellington Street, complaining of the condition of the canal in the neighbourhood of the club, and also complaining of the flooding of the store-room in the cellar of the club.

Also read report of the Borough Surveyor on the matter. It was resolved that, having regard to the extensions to the club premises approved in July 1912, the Corporation cannot accept any liability in the matter.

A letter was read from the Medical Officer of Health to the Chairman of the Health Committee with regard to the condition of the canal, and it was resolved -

(1) That dams be erected near the West of the Whale Bridge and East of the Commercial Road Bridge, and that the length of the Canal between these dams be drained or pumped dry and filled in as soon as the necessary suitable material can be obtained.

(2) That the offer of ashes and flue dust from the Electricity Works for this purpose be accepted.

(3) That the 30 loads of clay offered by Mr. Skurray from the petrol store pit near the Whale Bridge be accepted with thanks.