1893: Cambria Bridge, Swindon

The widening of Cambria Bridge & Road

From the Swindon Advertiser, 13th May 1893

The clerk reported that he had written to Mr. Ainsworth, secretary and manager to the Canal Company, stating that the board were proposing to widen Cambria Bridge and to lay an 18 inch iron pipe across and under the canal, and for these purposes the Board would require the practical control of the canal at that point for 14 days.  The Board would also be glad of the use of the Canal Company's piling. He also wished to know on what terms the Board would allow this.

A reply was now received from Mr. Ainsworth stating that he found that £5 per day was formerly paid for the stoppage of the canal during the making of the bridge, but having regard to all the circumstances the Canal Company would be satisfied with £2 2s 0d per day for the first 14 days, to be increased to £5 5s 0d per day after the first 14 days, and to include the use of the pile planks, &c.  He (Mr. Ainsworth) desired, however, to see a plan of the proposed widening of the bridge.

As to the laying of an 18 inch pipe under the canal a nominal easement of 1s per year only would be charged for this, but it must be laid at a sufficient depth to satisfy the Canal Company's requirements.

Mr. Adams proposed, and Mr. Batt seconded, that the terms offered be accepted. This was carried unanimously, the members being of the opinion that the terms were very reasonable.

It was further resolved on the motion of Mr. Batt, that the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Mr. Jones be appointed as a committee to interview the canal company and arrange for getting the work commenced forthwith.

Canal bridge

From the Swindon Advertiser, 27th May 1893

The Canal Committee of the Board reported that arrangements had been made with the Canal Company for stopping the traffic at Cambria Bridge Road and the Whale Bridge during the alterations and improvements to those two bridges.

The arrangements were to the affect that a charge of two guineas per day would be made by the canal company in respect of the Cambria bridge, and if the Whale bridge improvement be carried out simultaneously, then the charge in respect of the two bridges would be £2 7s per day for the first fourteen days, and six guineas for each day beyond the fourteen days.

With regard to the land required of the canal company for improving Cambria Bridge Road, the Company offered it for £5, and an additional five guineas for the privilege of allowing the storm water to flow into the canal at Cambria Bridge and the Whale Bridge for six months from the 24th June next. These terms were accepted.