1902 Letter to Editor regarding Canal at Wantage

To the Editor of the North Wilts Herald, 7th August 1902.


Is it not time that the sanitary authorities in the Wantage district took some action with regard to the state of the Wilts and Berks Canal? It is now nothing but a mass of reeking mud in an active state of effervescence, added to which it has become a cemetery for outcast dogs and cats, and a general dumping ground for the refuse of the neighbourhood.

Having of necessity to walk several miles by the side of the canal early every morning, I can testify to the stench that arises from what I consider must be a hot-bed of disease. Will the authorities wait until fever or some other complaint forces their attention to what I consider a crying evil and a menace to the health of the district?.

Yours truly

W.E. Wantage.