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Improving the Environment along the Canal

We are not only committed to re-opening the towpath and the canal itself but also to making a 'BLUE-GREEN' corridor that beneits all wildlife. To that end we are looking to improve and / or re-instate the hedgerows that once lined the canal, to create wildflower meadows to help bees and many other pollinating insects and where possible plant more trees.

Hedgerows along the Canal

As a lot of the canal runs through what is still ountryside some of the original hedges or at least the hedgeline still remain. However over the years they have been severly neglected so they are now in a sorry state often with large gaps in them and over run by brambles and ivy. Our aim is to cut out as much of the brambles and ivy as possible, remove any dead wood, and layer the hedge to encourage it to thicken and so provide an improved wildlife habitat for birds and many small creatures. Below shows a presentation in pictures of some of the work we are doing to improve the hedgerows. 


 Hedge Laying 1

 Hedge Laying 2

 Hedge Laying 3






Hedge Laying 4

Hedge Laying 5

Hedge Laying 6







Hedge Laying 7

Hedge Laying 8

Hedge Laying 9







Hedge Laying 10

  Hedge Laying 11Hedge Laying 12 






 Hedge Laying 13

 Hedge Laying 14

 Hedge Laying 15






 Hedge Laying 16

 Hedge Laying 17

 Hedge Laying 18






 Hedge Laying 19

Hedge Laying 20

Hedge Laying 21







 Hedge Laying 22

 Hedge Laying 23

Hedge Laying 24







Hedge Laying 25

Hedge Laying 26

Hedge Laying 27







 Hedge Laying 28

 Hedge Laying 29

 Hedge Laying 30






 Hedge Laying 31

 Hedge Laying 32

Hedge Laying 33



















thumb Robert Rose holding Wantage to Challow CanalOn a damp April afternoon, in a room filled with original paintings alongside family photos in Wantage, my host Robert Rose sits down as we have a cup tea and chat.

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