Signage Improvement Group

Our Signage Improvement Group had got as far as creating a catalogue of all 120 or so of our existing signs and putting them on a map, thanks to herculean efforts by George Eycott, who visited & photographed them all and by Martin Stubbs, who put them all onto an interactive map, The group has been in abeyance since Tessa Lanstein left for pastures new but it has now renewed its drive & energy thanks to Alex Hutchings & Marilyn Trew, both of Royal Wootton Bassett Branch.

Marilyn has used her renowned artistic skills to redesign the template the group had arrived at. The idea is to have a Trust-wide template with basic information, but with much of the board devoted to information on the area around the individual sign with, for example, a map of the area in the particular Branch in whose area the sign is sited, and a QR code that takes those looking at the board to detailed information - website article or audio post - about where that sign is and what it's about. A few of our existing signs already have these; the intention is to replace every existing sign and include a QR code. More signs will clearly be needed as well; costings & budgeting are being worked out to enable this to happen. The RWB sign, including Marilyn's map, has more or less been finalised and can act as a pilot for other Branches, who are free to choose what goes in for their particular area.

Branch Chairs have been advised of the updated situation; we anticipate moving this forward over the next few months.