WBCT’s need to have owners’ permissions to work on private land

There has been some confusion recently regarding the ongoing need for WBCT volunteers to have written permission to work on private land along our canal route. This note clarifies the position. The reasons for having a rule about landowner permissions are twofold;

  • We do not want to upset landowners along the Wilts & Berks canal line
  • Our insurances for our volunteers are invalid without these permissions

Accordingly, WBCT’s rule for working on any land that is not owned, leased or licenced by the Trust is that volunteers carrying out maintenance tasks or restoration on such sites must have the written permission of the landowner. These permissions will be obtained from landowners by Branch Chairs and sent to Patricia Clements, patricia.clements@wbct.org.uk for onward transmission to the Trust’s insurers.

Please note that this rule applies equally when the private land is a public footpath or a permissive right of way. If you have any questions about this rule please contact your Branch Chair.

Gordon Olson