Success of the Aviva Campaign: Planting of mature trees along the canal.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign, which ended on the 12th May. The response and momentum of the campaign was just overwhelming, and we are extremely excited and super pleased to be delivering such a great project backed by our members, the general public and the Aviva Community fund.

For each donation, the community fund matched the donation. This led to an amazing total of £5352 raised!

The main aim for these funds, are to plant mature trees at Naish Hill, at Pewsham and provide an improved landscape along the canal length for pollinators and wildlife in general.

During this campaign, we received goodwill messages and support, of which we will post below. Thank you all so much for the success on this campaign.

We will post updates on the project as soon as they happen.

Written by: Chloe Ford (Head of Comms).

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