Great day at the meadows at Pewsham

We managed to mow off the long growth and clear the grass around the big stones. Clearing the grass like this will help us grow more wildflowers for insects and benefitting all wildlife along the canal.
Volunteers Esme Holding, Sophie Butcher, Gansh Parmar, Martin Palmer, Graham Stroud worked incredibly hard to get the meadows fit for seed sowing later this week.
We’ve managed to borrow a chain harrow, which will help the sowing. The seeds were collected last week at Morningside Meadows Royal Wootton Bassett, an old hay meadow belonging to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.
Some of the seed will go to the new meadow at Templars Firs and some to RWB Environmental group sites.
The tow path by the canal at Pewsham is looking very flowery, with lots of different plants.
Double bridge also got a hair cut and will have a final tidy up Thursday 20th, ready for next year’s flower seeds.
Without the Bee Route tractor and mower this would not be possible. A big thank you to the Underwood Trust for their support and making the Bee Route happen.

Howard Yardy

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