De Sperwer’s Voyage


 I have also been producing a documentary film just to make life more interesting! We are working with 15 national & regional partners including the Royal Marsden, PCUK, Macmillans, GP surgeries, Hospitals, and Mens groups.

Prostate Cancer is the most common Cancer for men – 57,000 are diagnosed every a year. I am trying to show that men can lead a reasonably active life, with help, while undergoing treatment. Moreover, such a physical, enjoyable activity can be very helpful and increase chances of recovery.

  • To raise awareness in the over 50’s group

  • Early tests & diagnosis is everything – do it!

  • To give talks – leaflets – encourage boaters (often older men) to participate & engage

  • Boating is mandatory therapy!

  • Many men make a full recovery

Please do get in touch.

Chaloner Chute

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