March Photo Competition

Carol Gadd submitted three beautiful entries of Alfreda, actually taken on the very morning she was killed. We have replaced our long-standing Dragonfly at Wichelstowe image with our favourite of these entries for the next month. The current reward for information leading to prosecution of the killer, stands at over £2,700. You can keep up to date with all the latest news on our blog, or by following us on Facebook.

Swan 6359 C 1

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Our two other winning entries were submitted by Peggy and Chloe, taken at Grove Top Lock, and Stephen Robbs at Foxham. Both pictures are focused on the Wilts & Berks canal, showing off some lovely bright green colouring - spring is certainly coming!

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Every month we receive some images which we love, but cannot use on our homepage image slider for one reason or another (usually dimensions). So we have decided to give these images a special mention and share them on our winner's announcement blog. Remember, you can always view all our competition entries on our competition page.

Note: all front page images are cropped to 1140x456 pixels so the picture needs to still look good when cropped to that size and be high enough quality. We also prefer brighter pictures which showcase the canal and what it has to offer.

Submitted by Penny Birch

IMG 20210213 071947


Submitted by Stephen Robbs

2020 05 20 12.02.37 1


Submitted by Tom Scholes



Submitted by Stacey Fennell

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