Restoring all 72 miles of the Wilts & Berks canal to create a tranquil public waterside park for walking, cycling, fishing & boating.
Come and join us.

With over 30 chances to win a cash prize and also support Branch restoration projects, now is the time to join, entry is open to all.

You don't need to have membership of the WBCT to join the 200 Club, but must be over 18.

The 200 Club is a way to support our branches and also be in with a chance to win one or more of the 30 annual cash prizes during the year, from £25 to £250. 50% of all ticket money is divided up into 10 monthly draws including a bumper draw in December. The other 50% is awarded to branches that make bids for plant, tools, materials etc to support their individual restoration works.

The amount awarded as prize money and to branches is totally dependent on the number of tickets sold. Since 2012, £16,000 has been given away in prize money, with a similar amount awarded to branches that have purchased powered and hand tools, fencing, footpath stone, and the boat pictured - used for weed clearance at Royal Wooton Bassett.

Applications to join the 200 Club for 2018 are now open - click here for the entry form. The latest date for receipt of entries is 23rd February.

For further information Email:



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