Chaddington Spill-weir, 2006-2009

Although the branch work-parties had experience of building a spill-weir at Woodshaw in 1993, a much larger one was needed at Chaddington, no less than 18 metres long. As a prelude, land was leased south of the canal line to the west of Bincknoll Lane, covering the part of the site that was not part of Morningside Farm.

Before starting work on the site, scalpings were laid to create an all-weather access. The site of the spill-weir was then cleared and wooden form-work was laid ready for concrete to be poured – but very heavy rain of late 2006 caused the Bincknoll Brook to rise no less than 6 feet, flooding the workings and causing the form-work to wash away.

Chaddington spill weir shutteringChaddington spill weir wallsChaddington spill weir pillars


Wood wChaddington spill weir almost completeas salvaged to re-create the formwork for a concrete base laid in March 2007, and steel reinforcing bars and heavy plywood formwork assembled and buttressed ready for the weir itself. Concrete pouring took place in April.

More heavy rain held up work on creating the run-off below the weir (the concrete mixer became submerged after the stream rose 5ft), so the wing walls were built first. The run-off was then created in two parts while work started on building the piers for the culverts under the towpath. In 2008, the concrete slab on the towpath was completed, as was the brickwork once scaffolding was removed.

SafetyChaddington spill weir with railings railings on towpath walls were created from scaffolding components and finally installed in 2010.