First RWB Work-Party of 2021

Although there have been some work-parties held elsewhere on the Wilts & Berks Canal during the winter lockdown, none have taken place in Royal Wootton Bassett - until now. Because we are all volunteers, it has been up to the local Work Party Organisers ('WPOs') whether to hold them or not. Because of age and other risk factors, it had been decided to wait until conditions improved, and on Wednesday 14th April we met at Chaddington Lock, including two new volunteers.

During Summer 2020, we'd played catch-up against the weed that chokes the canal if left unchecked. Grass-cutting was a lower priority, and by mid-April the lock-sides looked very unkempt:

20210414 091331 Chaddington Lock before mowing

20210414 091349 Chaddington Lock before mowing





Heavy-duty mowing gradually brought the grass under control, while a constant flow of wheel-barrows removed the greenery. By mid-afternoon the lawns either side of the lock were in shock, like a shorn sheep. Throughout it all, a very busy bumble-bee still managed to keep fully occupied, totally ignoring us.

20210414 140430 Chaddington Lock after mowing

20210414 140447 Chaddington Lock after mowing




20210418 081423 Chaddington Lock after mowing


By Sunday 18th, the grass had turned a little greener despite the lack of rainfall during the month so far.


For the next work-party on the 21st, attention will turn to the Templar's Firs end where we need to mow more grass to create a security compound to accept the delivery of a 40-foot work-boat that has kindly been donated by River & Canal Services, although we shall pay for delivery by low-loader and for additional equipment.

If you want to join our 'free outdoor gym' as a Work-Party volunteer, please e-mail John Bower on .

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The October Deluge 2020

On Wednesday 30th September 2020, the work-party cleared vegetation from Chaddington Spill-weir and the culverts under Bincknoll Lane in preparation for the threatened Storm Alex. It was not a moment too soon.  October 2020 started with a change of weather on the first day. For four days, our area had over 120 millimetres of rain, filling the canal well above normal levels. On Sunday 4th October, members took photos from east to west, which you can see by clicking here.