The Branch will be holding an electronic AGM at 7pm on Wednesday 2 December. The event connection details are set out below.

1 To receive apologies for absence
2 To approve the Minutes of the last AGM on 5th June 2019 
3 To approve the Chairman’s Annual Report for 2019-2020 
4 To approve the Treasurer’s Report 2019-20 
5 To elect Principal Officers (Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and Branch Executive Members
6 Any Other Business

Rod Hacker, our current Chair, is keen to stand down having successfully undertaken the role for several years and is increasingly leading development activities for the Trust. John Farrow and Oliver Gardiner are willing to continue as Secretary and Treasurer. Chris Barry is also willing to continue as Deputy Chair. However, new nominations for all these posts are most welcome. It would be helpful if anyone interested in standing would contact by Monday 23rd November and he can give more details of what is involved. It would also be helpful if they could provide a pen picture in advance of the meeting to aid selection.

Elections will be held in the event by a show of hands or the equivalent verbal assent. The officers will endeavour to answer any questions after the formal business has been concluded. It would also be helpful if any questions can be emailed to John Farrow in advance.

Joining the meeting
The meeting will be conducted by a Google Meet call which allows participants to see, hear and speak with a video connection, similar to other conferencing systems. Members without an internet connection can listen in and speak by using the telephone number indicated. The video call will be open from 6.45 to allow for everyone to get connected before the formal start of proceedings at 7.00pm. in accordance with the usual etiquette we ask you to silence your microphone except when speaking in order to reduce the background noise.

Connection details

The connection details will be posted neaer the date.

If you have any questions on connecting please direct them to Rod or 07840 072817.