The Branch will be holding an electronic Branch Meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 5th May.  The event connection details are set out below.

The Agenda will be:

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 7 April 2021

2. Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda

3. Chair’s report

4. Attendance at events during forthcoming months

(including the Branch AGM and events at Waitrose landing stage)

5. Treasurer’s report

6. Fundraising

7. Work Party report

8. Any other business

As reported in the Dragonfly and our newsletter On The Button much has happened since our last branch meeting over a year ago.  The reports and discussion at the coming meeting will include:

  • Creating our new compound and temporary slipway
  • Progress on the M4 crossing project
  • Progress on the new canal route at Eastern Swindon
  • New communications strategy, the future of the Swindon Information Centre
  • Temporary activities at Canalside pending restart of Dragonfly trips 
  • New roles as the trust expands its activities
  • Trust strategy for the next five years

The trust has stepped up its ambitions post-Covid and is putting in place a structure and processes to match.  We in the branch are going to have to up our game and find more volunteers for many roles.

Rod Hacker, our current Chair, is still keen to stand down and a replacement is needed quickly.  

Joining the meeting

The meeting will be conducted by a Google Meet call which allows participants to see, hear and speak with a video connection, similar to other conferencing systems.  Members without an internet connection can listen in and speak by using the telephone number indicated.  The video call will be open from 6.45 to allow for everyone to get connected before the formal start of proceedings at 7.00pm.  in accordance with the usual etiquette we ask you to silence your microphone except when speaking in order to reduce the background noise.

Connection details

Click on the link below for an internet connection which will work with all the  usual web browsers.  

Meeting ID

Your computer or tablet may ask you to permit the microphone and camera to be activated.  You may have to then wait a few seconds until the meeting organiser admits you to the event.  Hovering your mouse over the window brings up briefly a panel with the buttons to turn on/off your camera and microphone, close the connection, and other settings including changing the view that you see. 

If you wish to use a phone to listen in and speak call this number:     Telephone No:  020 3937 1133

If a pin number is requested enter  PIN: ‪781 388 859#

If you have any questions on connecting please direct them to Rod or 07840 072817.