Last Updated 5 Apr 2021

Branch Fundraiser 

We are looking for a local volunteer to lead/coordinate our fundraising activities outside of those funds raised by the Events team. Please contact Dave Maloney (07809 374754  if you have any experience in fundraising or are happy to seek out funds and/or fill in relevant bid paperwork.


At long last with many of our volunteers receiving their first, and in some cases their second, jab, reducing numbers of Covid cases and a gradual relaxation of the rules we have been able to re-start our weekly work parties much to the relief and delight of many of our volunteers who have been stuck at home twiddling their thumbs!

Latest Work Party News (as of 5 April 2021)  (click on photographs to enlarge)

 At Pewsham there has been some general tidying up of the area including the first grass cut of the season. Sadly we have also had to sort out damage caused by a bout of vandalism. Whilst this did not amount to too much damage or cost it is annoying as it takes us away from our main task of restoring the canal for the whole community and of course uses up some of our scarce financial resources.

A number of tasks are taking place.

Pewsham Shrub clearance


We have cleared a lot of scrub and self-seeded shrubs from the east side of the pound between top and middle lock and extended the Heras fencing to ensure safety of the site. Once the accommodation bridge is complete this area will be used as an access road to the Dry Dock etc so it’s a task that needs to be done.






Dry Dock 1


Dry Dock 2



Elsewhere we have started building the brick pillars on the east wall of the Dry Dock that will be used to support the wooden posts that will support the Dry Dock roof.






Additionally we have started trying to remove a large double tree stump situated on what should be the wing wall of Bottom Lock.Tree Stump 1a


Tree Stump 1b

Tree Stump 1c


Whilst the tree was cut down many years ago the stump was left, and we’re beginning to see why as it’s proving very stubborn to remove, not least because of its size and location which makes access quite difficult.






Over on the section of the canal to the north of the A4 we have cut a path down the east side of the canal (on the opposite side to the towpath), past the cottage 

A4 path clearance


A4 Bund 1

A4 Bund 2


and installed a bund to allow access back across the canal and onto the towpath. There is still further work to do but at least we are progressing.





A4 path




Further down this section we have cleared the path as far as Pudding Brook





and have started removing some of the tree stumps that were left after the trees themselves were cut down a number of years ago.

A4 stump 1

A4 stump 2



The stumps are in the middle of the canal and have started growing again so need to come out before they get too big. They are proving quite stubborn but we are winning and hope to have them removed by the end of April.



A4 stump 3

A4 stump 4










We have also continued with hedge laying along this section and a general tidy up of some of the scrap metal and the many bottles that seem to have been dumped over the years.

Please note: There is currently no public access to this section of canal.  

 Interested in what we are doing and / or willing to help out? Contact Dave Maloney (07809 374754 for further information.