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Creation of Foot / Cycle Path: 2003

 With the creation of the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust in 1997 it was decided that rather than just maintaining what was left of the canal a full renovation was possible. Before the canal itself could be restored access needed to be provided which would allow access along the stretch of the canal for work parties but also would allow the general public access and to see and experience the benefits of bringing the canal back to life by creating safe, scenic route through the countryside and also a ‘green corridor’ for wildlife.  

 2 Footpath Just above Double Bridge view S along canal bedwith river to W 2a
                                         A view of the canal from Double Bridge looking South towards Reybridge


  Since its closure in the early 1900s the canal had silted up or worse been filled in, and the whole line had become overgrown with numerous trees and bushes self-seeding not only along what had been the towpath but in the canal bed itself and also within many of the structures.


4 Footpath 6 Footpath
                   Following a track thrugh the undergrowth.     The canal bed, still holding some water, but no sign of a path.

 Thus it was decided in 2003 to rebuild the towpath as a foot / cycle path. This was no easy task as the undergrowth needed to be cleared, trees removed and the land levelled and the sub-structure of the path laid.

10 Footpath 9 Footpath
Initial cut of the path through the trees.   The path across the area now termed 'The Meadow'


12 Footpath 11 Footpath
 Even before it was finished the path attracted walkers  and cyclists!


 Once this was done a finer top finish was laid

13 Footpath 14 Footpath

 topped with a layer of tarmac  

15 Footpath 16 Footpath

 and the in November 2003 the path was finally completed from Naish Hill to Pewsham Top Lock.


 Immediately the pubic began using this new route and over the years has it increased in popularity and has become a firm favourite for walkers, joggers and cyclists 

17 Footpath 19 Footpath

as well as allowing the Trust volunteers access to this stretch of canal.

20 Footpath 21 Footpath


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